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History of the company

The construction of the Bobruisk Tannery, in accordance with the decision of the Central Committee of the CPB and the Council of Ministers of the BSSR on March 12, 1960, was started in November 1961 and continued until December 1964.

On January 9, 1965, the state commission commissioned the first stage of the plant, and on January 25 the first production was launched. During the first year of operation, the plant produced 64 million dm2 of chrome leather.

At the end of 1971, the second stage of the enterprise was put into operation and the total capacity of the output was 245.4 million dm2 of chrome leather goods.

In 1990, the collective of the Bobruisk Tannery named after the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution marked its 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century the combine became one of the largest enterprises of the country and reached a capacity of 260 million dm2 of chrome leather goods per year, sales volumes of 35 million rubles, and production became practically non-waste.

December 5, 1991 between the Ministry of Light Industry of the BSSR and the Bobruisk Tannery named after the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, a Lease Agreement was concluded.

In January 1994, in accordance with the decision of the Bobruisk City Council of People’s Deputies, the Open Joint Stock Company “Bobruisk Tannery” was created, which became the legal successor of the property rights and obligations of the Bobruisk leasing tannery.



The main activity of the enterprise

OJSC “Bobruisk Tannery” produces the following main types of marketable products:

Chrome leather goods:

for the top of the shoe

for lining shoes

for clothes and hats

for gloves and mittens

for furniture

for haberdashery products

for special purposes

the skin is crusty

The same types of products are produced from the bark-brazed split-saw, as from the facial leather goods.

The enterprise also produces and sells household soap, industrial grease, leather shavings.

Other activities carried out by the enterprise

The company provides the following services: dining room, retail store (leather, leather goods).

Raw materials base

The raw material base of the JSC “Bobruisk Tannery” is made up of skins of animals: cattle, goats, pigs, horses, etc.

Availability of licenses, patents, ISO certificates

Since December 2003, the Bobruisk Tannery has successfully implemented a quality management system for the design, development and production of leather for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001.

The certificate of conformity registered in the Register of the National System for Conformity of the Republic of Belarus under No. BY / 112 05.01.008 07930 is valid until 14.12.2021.

Confirmation of the conformity of the enterprise’s products to the requirements of TR ТС 017/2011 “On safety of light industry products” and ТР ТС 024/2011 “Technical regulations for fat and oil products” is carried out in the form of declaration of conformity.

The certificate that the products have passed all the procedures for assessing (confirming) compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (technical regulations of the Customs Union) and meets the requirements of all technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (technical regulations of the Customs Union) applicable to these products is a single sign appeal (EAU), which is carried out before the release of products into circulation on the market of the Eurasian Economic union.

№ TS BY / 112 11.01. TR017 010 01262 (effective until 15.06.2021)

№ TS BY / 112 11.01. TR017 010 01261 ​​(effective until 15.06.2021)

No. BY / 112 11.01. TR024 010 01814 (valid until 05.10.2020)

No. BY / 112 11.01. TR017 010 01815 (valid until 05.10.2022)

№ TS BY / 112 11.01. TR017 010 01414 (valid until 21.10.2021)

№ BY/112 11.01. TR017 010 01918 (valid until 05.02.2023)

Subsidiaries of the company:


JSC “Cosmos-Comcentre”

JLLC “Bellegpromsyrje”